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We spend a lot of time interacting with type. They influence our thinking, alter trust, determine context, and play with our productivity.

In these weird times where our screen times skyrocket. We should do something to ease our contextual burden and increase our productivity.

This is a list of awesome fonts that will make your code look even more elegant and concise (and makes your more productive 🤞).

Note: This is a personal favourite list (and almost all of them are mono). Please feel free to comment your favourite.

Fira Code Mono

Any font list is incomplete, without this classic font.

Type: Mono | GitHub

Fira Code


This is forked from Source Code Pro and added some nice ligatures in it.

Type: Mono | GitHub


Source Code Pro

This one from Adobe is awesome. It is clean and crisp.

Type: Mono | GitHub

Source Code Pro

Anonymous Pro

It is fixed width font designed for coding.

Type: Mono | GitHub



A cool and refreshing font. This font has some handwriting like ligatures.

Type: Mono | GitHub

Fantasque Sans Mono

Jetbrains Mono

This one is from the Jetbrains. They already have cool abstract images in their IDE startups. The font is bit oversized but once again it is awesome.

Type: Mono | GitHub

JetBrains Mono


It is sharp, bit taller. But the font looks great even in low resolution displays.

Type: Mono | GitHub


Cascadia Code

Windows was the first machine that I ever had. And I used it for a long time at my work (now don't judge me). So this one was my long time favourite. Recently I saw they have open sourced it and it brings back a lot of memories.

Type: Mono | GitHub

Cascadia Code Mono

Dank (Paid)

This one is pretty cool. But it is paid. I haven't used it personally, but used this in some of my slides (via carbon.now.sh)

Type: Mono | Buy it here

Dank Mono

Special Mentions

Voila, meanwhile you have also learnt quickSort using Haskell 😜

Did you know? >> You can customise your dev.to font here

What is your favourite font?

What is in the font? Check out this book -> Why Fonts Matter - Sarah Hyndman

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I really want to like those fonts like Cascadia code, Fira or Jetbrains Mono... But everytime I switch to anything other than Consolas it just feels wrong and I can't concentrate... So I've made my peace with it, I'm a Consolas person and that will probably never change (I patch it with powerline characters though).


My favorite font for code is Menlo since I've basically always worked with Macs and even after trying dozens and dozens of other fonts, Menlo just "looks right"

  1. Are the following absolutely distinguishable: oO0 1l| ({[]}) :;
  2. Do these make good arrows: <- -> <= =>
  3. Are these characters large enough to be seen (some fonts make them teeny tiny): `^*
  4. I'm not a fan of ligatures. They assign meaning to groups of characters that don't always mean that. I may want a<-b to mean "b into a" or "is a less than negative b" but the font shouldn't be deciding that. I find that ligatures cause me to parse the line twice rather than saving me time. But to each their own! I wish I liked them.

Thankfully, there's also a free alternative to Menlo called Meslo: github.com/andreberg/Meslo-Font


Im currently using using cascadia code, but i still like



I'll throw in that Cascadia Code comes with Cascadia Mono, if you don't like the ligatures.


Jetbrains Mono looks good, it's text as well


Iosevka is a great font for those who like to save up some horizontal space ;)



thanks for this! I went with Fantasque Sans Mono. :)


Is there something wrong with my eyes or all the fonts look kinda similar?


You are correct, something went wrong with the upload :). Updated now Thanks :)


I think Cascadia is my favorite.


🎉🦄 They are the best


I'm a big fan of Envy Code R, it's not very fancy but I like shorter fonts.



looks interesting, I will take a look :)


I'm using Jetbrains Mono and I recommended it!