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Powershell GUID Generator

I've built a simple GUID generator that generates GUID and puts it into the clipboard!

You can download the file from my repository: guid.ps1

You can read more info at the Git Hub Page


In PowerShell you can generate GUIDby typing [Guid]::NewGuid() into your PS terminal, but then you would need to copy it from the terminal and paste it where you need it. It was complex for me so I've built a script that does all the for you.

$guid = [guid]::NewGuid().ToString();

Set-Clipboard -Value $guid;

Write-Host 'Guid:' $guid 'copied to the clipboard!';
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In use

E:\ps> guid
Guid: d5bae5bc-d0dc-47ef-bbf7-1323f7a2180e copied to the clipboard!
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NOTE: Just be sure to put the guid.ps1 file somewhere where your path is defined so you can access it from anywhere.

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kaylumah profile image
Max Hamulyák

I love how powershell is basically Dotnet, Did not know about set-clipboard though.
Makes me think we can do stuff like 1 passw0rd.
(resetting clipboard after x-seconds)

senadmeskin profile image
Senad Meškin

Yes, exactly. :)