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Building Mac Os clone with Angular and PrimeNg

In this series, we're going to build a mac OS clone.

We will be using a simple RxJs store for handling state in our application. No external CSS framework or library is being used, only scss.

If you are interested in Angular and how to build simple, yet visually effect applications make sure to check it out.

We'll use Angular 13 as our frontend framework and PrimeNg as our primary UI library

Spotlight search

At least 10 PrimeNg components will be used in this course

  1. Menubar
  2. TabView
  3. Dock
  4. Dialog
  5. DynamicDialog
  6. Terminal
  7. ContextMenu
  8. AutoComplete
  9. ProgressBar
  10. InputText

Finder clone

We will clone Finder, Spotlight, Terminal and many other Mac OS apps.

Deployed application

To learn more please visit the Youtube Channel: Developer Thing

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