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Xamarin.Android - App Bundle Settings

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Hi friends,
Today I will try to explain to you how we use App Bundle management, the method of publishing the APK on Xamarin.

Basically, the Advantage of the Application Package is said to reduce the application size by 20-50%.

When our application size is reduced, different advantages arise;

  • Faster downloads
  • Increased download rates
  • Reduced removal rates, etc.

To perform these operations, you must have at least Visual Studio 16.4. First of all, we need to make sure that our Visual Studio is up to date.

Note: I did not add the details in Step 4. If you do not know how to create an APK, it is useful to check the document here, you need to know how to sign an application package.

If you are ready, apply step by step:

Step 1

Set the Realese Mode

Step 2

Go Project Properties(Project>ProjetName properties)
Go Tab on the Android Opitons Menu > Android Package Format and select "bundle"

Step 3

Go Build Menu > Archive and wait for building...

Step 4

Click the Distribute button and save format ".aab"
It's done..

There was a change in my application as follows:

It is an excerpt from my own blog: https://semihcelikol.com/xamarin-android-app-bundle/


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