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Announcing, a curated list of talks for product people

I read many books and blog posts and watch a lot of talks about software product creation. People I've worked with know that I always have resources to share on many subjects related to software product creation.

I started keeping a list of exciting talks a few years ago. Speeches that made me think, gave me new perspectives or ideas, reshaped the way I think about building software, and helped me grow as a developer.

After a while, I stopped adding items to the list. Even if it was public, no one was using it, not even me. It wasn't easy to find nor looking good. I decided to trust my memory and others medium - Twitter or Pocket - as good places to keep track of these talks. Time proved me wrong.

I hope that creating and curating a website will help me commit to keeping track of them.

The content is primarily oriented for developers. A lot of talks are about system architecture, testing, agile transformation, and choosing the right tool for the job.

So, here it is: !

I hope you'll get as many insights as I got from watching some of this content. Let me know what you think!

Edit: fixed link 😅

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