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"Realtime Data Warehouse in Mashang Consumer Finance Based on Apache Doris"_Apache Doris Summit 2022

Mashang Consumer Finance
With the rapid growth of business volume and the upgrading of business models, there is a higher demand for real-time data analysis, which means it is neccessary to upgrade from offline data warehouse to real-time data warehouse. After comparing the popular open source data warehouses in the industry, we finally decided to build our real-time data warehouse based on Apache Doris. At present, Apache Doris has served the data applications of more than ten business departments. The P99 query response is within 5 seconds. From data production to data application, the latency does not exceed 1 minute, which greatly improves the timeliness of data. Different types of users, including business analysts, data developers, platform managers, and operation and maintenance teams, have all benefited from Apache Doris.

Apache Doris is a real-time analytical database based on MPP architecture, known for its high performance and ease of use. It supports both high-concurrency point queries and high-throughput complex analysis. (

SelectDB is a cloud-native real-time data warehouse developed based on the Apache Doris open source project by the same key developers. The SelectDB company focuses on the enterprise-grade cloud-native distribution for Apache Doris. (Contact US:

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