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Posted on filter out nudity, violence and racy content in one line.

As an app developer chances are that you prefer spending your time adding and perfecting features rather than managing the content posted by your users. In that case, Seine is the perfect product for you.

Make sure your user content is always adequate

Managing pictures that your users share can be time consuming.

That’s why with Seine we developed a solution to automatically filter out nudity, violence and racy content.

We will change any suspicious content on the fly and replace it with a placeholder.

content blocked sample

How to get started ?

On the get starting page, you will be invited to configure your first application.

1. **App name**: Chose a name, we will create a subdomain with this name for you.

2. **Host URL**: That’s where your content is hosted and where we need to look to display an image.
Put the root folder url and make sure it’s accessible from the public.
Example for:
- AWS:
- Google Cloud Platform:

3. **Protocol**: You have choice between HTTP or HTTPS.

Last step is the set up of your credentials, you know how it works.

You're done, time integrate into your application!

One line integration

We really focus on making it easy for you to use. As a result, you have only one line to change.

Chances are that you’re serving pictures through an URL like this:

Replace your domain by the one that Seine created for you on step 1:

That’s it, you’re done. Any inappropriate content will now be filtered.

Start for free, then pay as you go

There is no upfront cost on Seine! Once your account is created you have access to a free tier allowing you to filter up to 100 images a month without any cost. No need to provide your credit card either.

Anything that passes this threshold, you can pay as you go and can stop whenever you want.

For the picture delivery optimization you are also covered: it is unlimited and free!

Find more information on our pricing page.

Transparency policy

At Seine we want to be as open as we can about what we are working on and where we are going. But we also want to develop what’s useful for you, so we encourage you to follow our public roadmap and up vote the features that you want first or reach out to us if something is missing.

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