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Cool library that I recently discovered: Zag.js

Today, I want to share with you a cool library that I recently discovered: Zag.js! šŸŽ‰

šŸŒŸ Zag.js is framework-agnostic, which means you can use it with popular frameworks like React, Solid, and Vue, and more without sweating over the logic. With Zag.js, you can focus on creating visually stunning UI components and let the toolkit handle the rest.

šŸ’» This library is perfect for those who need to build custom UI components while minimizing the time spent reinventing the wheel by writing state logic from scratch.

šŸ“š Whether you're building menus, accordions, dialogs, or any other UI component, Zag.js provides a wealth of pre-built state machines to choose from. You can find a complete list of available state machines in their documentation.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’»I highly recommend giving Zag.js a try. It's an excellent choice for building custom UI components in your web applications while ensuring accessibility, and it works with many frameworks!

šŸ”— Head over to to learn more about Zag.js and get started with building accessible UI components in your web applications!

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buddhieash profile image
Buddhi Eashwarage

It seems a cool library. Thanks for sharing.

anshsaini profile image
Ansh Saini

Hey thanks for sharing. This actually looks very promising. Iā€™m gonna give it a try.