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OSX Terminal Must Haves

sedkis profile image Sedky Abou-Shamalah ・2 min read

Having a really efficient CMD line is awesome. It can save you a lot of time. It’s good to take the time to set up a terminal that is intuitive and customized to you and your workflow.

With the right software, you can do things like autocomplete your GIT commands, Docker commands and more. This alone is worth it. But also, you get DARK MODE!

Must Haves

iTerm2 — Replace and make this your default Terminal NOW. check out all the FEATURES!
Oh My Zsh — Steroids for your terminal. This gives us all the cool shit we need, like Autocomplete features, custom themes, and WAY MORE.
Go and install these two.

Docker/Git Auto complete

With iTerm2 and Oh My Zsh downloaded and installed, let’s add some plugins. Open your zsh profile, located in ~./.zshrc

edit the plugins section:

Now we get sweet autofill features. Here’s a list of hundreds of others:

such as minikube, node, and more!

Quick line jumps!

Are you a peasant that holds -> until they reach the end of the line? Well no more you aren’t!

You can setup iTerm2 to let you jump around the current line. Find the basics here to get you started:iTerm 2: How to set keyboard shortcuts to jump to beginning/end of line?I can see that Ctrl+ left/ right jumps to the beginning/end of line. How to change this to Cmd+ left/ right arrow? In…

Quick directory jumps!

A command line tool that helps you jump around to different directories using partial strings. Example:

Click here for the plugin link

If you have more, email me or comment ! Thanks!

Props to my buddy Rob Davis who shared these tips with me

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