CyberSecurity/InfoSec/AppSec Meetups/Events in London

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CyberSecurity/InfoSec/AppSec Conferences/Meetups/Events in London

Quite often I am being asked the question: which Cyber Security — themed meetups/events/conferences are happening in London and which ones are worth attending?

First of all as a Chapter Leader of OWASP London Chapter of course I need to mention our OWASP London Chapter Meetups (or “Chapter Meetings”) which have been running regularly in London since 2004!

The very first OWASP London Chapter Meeting took place on Tuesday 19th October 2004 at The George pub near Holborn tube (see http://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/owasp-london/2004-October/000032.html)

The first OWASP London meetup was organised and attended by:

  • Dinis Cruz (now the CISO of Photobox)
  • Daniel Cuthbert (now the Global Head of CyberSecurity Research at Santander Bank)
  • Dafydd Stuttard (now CEO of Portswigger/creator of Burp Scanner / Burp Suite)
  • Ivan Ristic (the person behind SSL Labs/Qualys/Let’s Encrypt, now at FeistyDuck/Hardenize)
  • Peter Wood (now CEO of FirstBase)
  • Gunter Ollman (now the CSO of Microsoft Cloud and AI Security Division, previously the CTO of IOActive)

Now in year 2019 the London chapter meetups attract audience of 200+people ! If you would like to attend our events please follow OWASP London Chapter on:

Twitter : @owasplondon

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OWASPLondon

Webpage : https://www.owasp.org/index.php/London

Meetup : https://www.meetup.com/OWASP-London/

LinkedIN : https://www.linkedin.com/company/owasplondon/

CyberSecurity Conferences in London

First of all it is important to list the following major conferences:

  • SC Congress  — https://www.sccongressuk.com More suitable for decision-makers than techies. Free. At ILEC centre annually in February
  • Cloud Security Expo at Excel https://www.cloudsecurityexpo.com/ this Expo & Conference is co-located with IoT, DevOps,BigData and BlockChain expos. Free to attend, lots of great tech and higher level talks — happens annually in March at Excel Expo Centre. Free.
  • CRESTCon  — http://www.crestcon.co.uk/ Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) is the main accreditation body for penetration testing companies and they have their annual conference in London in April at the Royal College of Physicians (Regents Park). Tickets £125-£200
  • AWS Summit London - https://aws.amazon.com/events/summits/london AWS is the number 1 Cloud Services Provider in the world at the moment and they have their massive Annual AWS Summit conference in London (usually run at Excel Expo Centre in May) with lots of talks and sessions around Cloud technologies and Cloud Security. Free
  • Information Security Europe (aka InfoSec Europe) at Olympia https://www.infosecurityeurope.com/ — the original Expo & conference which has been running for many years. InfoSec Europe happens annually in June. Free.
  • BSides London  — https://www.securitybsides.org.uk/ Hacker community conference, happens annually in June at the ILEC Centre. Tickets from Free to £50 (Free tickets get sold out very quickly — within minutes). Great technical talks and training workshops from notable security speakers. If you miss tickets to BSides London — don’t despair as Security BSides conferences happen in many places in the UK and all-over the world — just find one in a city close to you (in the UK we have BSides Belfast, BSides Leeds, BSides Manchester, BSides Scotland (Edinburgh).
  • 44CON  — https://44con.com/ Local DefCon-style hacking conference. Covers topics such as internet security, IoT, vulnerability discovery, and new exploit techniques. Great technical talks and training workshops from notable security speakers. Tickets: £300-£1300 , but the first day is Free. Happens annually in September
  • Cyber Security X Europe/ IP Expo Europe -https://ipexpoeurope.com
  • Free to attend , lots of great technical and higher level talks — happens annually in October at Excel Expo Centre. Free
  • DevSecCon London —  https://www.devseccon.com/ — happens annually in October-November , tickets £200-£300 , lots of great technical talks and training workshops
  • BlackHat Europe  — https://www.blackhat.com/eu-18/ Hacking conference and expo, great hacking talks annually in December at Excel. Tickets £1500-£1900 , however the Expo floor (live demos!) is Free.

CyberSecurity Meetups in London

Meetups are free to attend, but registration is required in advance and is essential, some venues require a form of ID to be admitted to the event.

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