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Free Online Courses By Google

A lot of technologies such as Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, App Development, etc are trending these days. Here is a list of few free courses provided by Google which will help you gain and boost your knowledge in different technologies.

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1. Learn Python basics for data analysis

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Python programming language, especially for the purpose of data analysis. It teaches how to structure and group information in your program with data types, use programming logic so that your program does what you want it to, and how to use and write functions so that you can save time when writing programs.


Modules: 4
Hours: 12
Level: Beginner

2. Data Science Foundations

Data Science is a field that uses methods and algorithms for the extraction of information from data provided whether it is structured data or unstructured data. Due to growth in data and evolution in technology, the domain of Data Science has seen a tremendous rise. This course will give you a comprehensive introduction to Data Science and Analytics Landscape. You will learn all the fundamentals of Data Science and the Data Science Life Cycle.


Modules: 6
Hours: 1.5
Level: Beginner

3. Data Science with Python

This Data Science with Python program provides learners with a complete understanding of data analytics tools & techniques. Getting started with Python can help you gain knowledge on data analysis, visualization, NumPy, SciPy, web scraping, and natural language processing. This program is an ideal Kickstarter for anyone looking to become a data scientist today.


Modules: 13
Hours: 8
Level: Advanced

4. Understand the basics of machine learning

Whether it's recommending movies or helping scientists find breakthrough cures, machine learning is a powerful new tool with untold potential. In the Understanding the basics of machine learning course videos, we'll explore what these technologies are and how they can be applied in real life to help businesses grow.


Modules: 1
Hours: 1
Level: Beginner

5. Machine Learning Crash Course

This course teaches the basics of machine learning through a series of lessons that include video lectures from researchers at Google, text written specifically for newcomers to ML, interactive visualizations of algorithms in action, and real-world case studies. While learning new concepts, you'll immediately put them into practice with coding exercises that walk you through implementing models in TensorFlow, an open-source machine intelligence library.


Modules: 3
Hours: 15

6. Kotlin for Java Developers

The Kotlin programming language is a modern language that gives you more power for your everyday tasks. Kotlin is concise, safe, pragmatic, and focused on interoperability with Java code. It can be used almost everywhere Java is used today: for server-side development, Android apps, and much more. Kotlin is 100% compatible with all existing Java frameworks and has good tooling support. It’s a pragmatic language with a very low learning curve and can be quickly grasped by Java developers. Kotlin code might be compiled not only to JVM bytecode but to JavaScript and Native code as well, but this course is focused on Kotlin/JVM.


Modules: 5
Hours: 19

7. SQL for Data Science

This course is designed to give you a primer in the fundamentals of SQL and working with data so that you can begin analyzing it for data science purposes. You will begin to ask the right questions and come up with good answers to deliver valuable insights for your organization. This course starts with the basics and assumes you do not have any knowledge or skills in SQL. It will build on that foundation and gradually have you write both simple and complex queries to help you select data from tables. You'll start to work with different types of data like strings and numbers and discuss methods to filter and pare down your results.

You will create new tables and be able to move data into them. You will learn common operators and how to combine the data. You will use case statements and concepts like data governance and profiling. You will discuss topics on data, and practice using real-world programming assignments. You will interpret the structure, meaning, and relationships in source data and use SQL as a professional to shape your data for targeted analysis purposes.


Modules: 4
Hours: 20

8. Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning

This course was developed by the TensorFlow team and Udacity as a practical approach to deep learning for software developers. You'll get hands-on experience building your own state-of-the-art image classifiers and other deep-learning models. You'll also use your TensorFlow models in the real world on mobile devices, in the cloud, and in browsers. Finally, you'll use advanced techniques and algorithms to work with large datasets. By the end of this course, you'll have all the skills necessary to start creating your own AI applications.


Modules: 14
Hours: 70

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