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keep building.

Another update.

I got to keep building. Ship more.

Another app completed. The idea is to build a variety of different apps using different skills that will help me build MoFoods. I'm learning a lot and the speed at which I'm able to build a basic MVP of my ideas is getting better. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to work. I'm done with the days of spending time researching, designing, etc. I'm spending way too much time thinking of great ideas instead just building. I wasted a lot of time doing that when I was studying CS. Now I'm going to make up for lost time by shipping more.

OpenAI just announced ChatGPT 4o and it's insane. It was also recently announced that Apple and OpenAI have agreed on a partnership to use the AI model in their devices. This is exciting news because now I'm wondering what Apple is going to share at WWDC24. The only thing I'm thinking about is combining the Vision Pro with ChatGPT 4o. So I'm rushing to get all these ideas in my head out so I can shift gears to what I think is dope idea for the Vision Pro. I'll let you know once I'm ready. 😉

2024 is already a huge year for AI compared to the insane hype of 2023. With all the use cases of chatGPT and developers seemingly getting their ideas replaced on Product Hunt by it it's making me wonder, what do you build during times like this?

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