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re: Never question the interviewer's approach! I'm going to repeat this in my class I'm filming. Your steps 2-3 are a near guarantee of not getting cal...

Never question the interviewer's approach!

Like I said: If they promote a culture where you can't even hold a conversation with the recruiter that is trying to determine whether you're a good fit, run.

If you enjoy being human and learning, you're already not a fit at this point.

Companies that value learning and honesty will have no issue with improving the interviewing style. It's an immediate test for personality match (openness, ability to adapt), and gives them a better way to qualify the candidate for the work they will actually do on a daily basis.

Bonus points scored with the engineers and the bosses, because you get things done and don't hesitate to explain your thinking.

Like you said: Those that don't fit, won't call back. 100% sure-fire way to get hired with companies that are a fit, and 100% way to avoid companies that are a bad fit.

It also makes an assumption that you know why they are asking a particular question, which you may not.

You can ask a question as a suggestion, not as a demand.

That's why I wrote "suggest".

Getting clarification on why a question is being asked = 100% OK and awesome.

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