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Discussion on: Vue.js vs. React — Not Your Usual Comparison

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Sebastian Vittersø

I can speak for this crowd! I learnt Vue in the summer of 2019, and loved it pretty much immediatly. I spent the summer internship learning it, both broad strokes and details, and it was a lot of fun, and very efficient.

The following semester (in school) we had "Web development" as a subject in school, and we learn (JQuery and) React.
Whenever I was faced with a new challenge in React, it just felt as if everything was hard to do.
Example: We built an infinitely scrolling application, and in order to make the content load on the correct event (and not somehow get stuck one event behind), we had to use both useState and useRef-hooks, and I still don't know what the latter of those does.

In vue, however, you just add a listener, and then remove it. No need for extra concepts. Love it.