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Four More Tools You Can't Live Without

Since the last post in November was such a success and reached almost 500 views in less than four days and 58 followers in less then a week, I couldn't resist writing another article. This is “four more tools you can’t live without” with even cooler tech for your daily coding sessions.

1. Space Field (Vscode Theme)
Space Field is a Vscode Theme inspired by Sebastián Veggiani’s (Field Lights). and with its minimalistic and dark colors I believe it to be a good and viable choice for any developer. On the other hand it uses syntax highlighting for components working with any framework out there, giving you even more visual confirmation of your html.


If you like what you see, I would appreciate a star on Github.

2. asdf (Package Manager)
If you use multiple versions of a CLI tool e.g Node. asdf can manage multiple runtime versions of over 500 different CLI’s including Node, git and ruby. This makes a huge difference when working on projects with different configurations and other devs.


If you decide to use asdf, install it through git as follows.

git clone ~/.asdf --branch v0.11.1
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And if you're using ZSH as your primary Shell, paste

. "$HOME/.asdf/" inside your ~/.zshrc file
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for it to work and run the proper path. further installations of plugins can be found here.

And if nothing of what I just explained made any sense, here's a video explaining how it works :)

3. Wappalyzer (Tech Inspector)
The best and personally a tool I've used regularly since I learned of it. It helps identify what stack a specific web app is using and even what version at times. I don't believe it's going to change the way we view web apps today, but it will help with insights, a tool I can’t recommend enough.


4. Jenkins (Automation)
Automating tasks is always so much more satisfying, and in the end probably saves a lot of time. Jenkins can build, test and deploy code with a self hosted server. And I can honestly say it's pretty cool. They ensure it works with any setup or deployment method e.g Docker, Node or Gradle. Making it the leading open source automation tool.


And this is it.
I hope you can use any of the tools mentioned in this article, and until next time.

XOXO Tech Lover.

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