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16 Data Analytics Buzzwords You Need To Know

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Analytics Engineer = A BI Engineer who uses dbt

Data Mesh = We tried an EDW and it was taking too long so we went back to the siloed data approach but now we opened it up to the entire company

Data Quality Monitoring = A bunch of automated SQL statements

Low Code/No Code = Click, click, click, shoot how do I configure the underlying environment. Forget it, I am going back to Python

Self Service Analytics = Self-service after a data engineer or BIE spends 3 hours writing the query

Modern Data Stack = Everything is SQL now, No more excel

Source Of Truth = I used to trust this, until I learned about Truth V2

Reverse ETL = LTE

Data Lineage = Some unmaintained tool that was accurate once

Data Warehouse = it's just an analytical database where you can drop all your data randomly and maybe spend some years later to try to model them

BI For BI Teams = Analyzing your analysis tools

Democratizing Data = Let's give everyone access and see how many competing narratives we can get from the same data

Data Observability = Oh look we can parse Snowflake logs

Data Scientist = a Schrodinger's cat of: an analyst, or a Stats PhD

Lakehouse = We couldn't setup a Data Lake so we salvaged whatever we could and told our users it looks now like the previous DWH.

Data Lake = File server we just dump all our files in.

Special thanks to mehdioGalen BEthanLauren and several others who all played a vital role in crystallizing these concepts.

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