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What's Your Favourite Group Side-Project So far?

seanolad profile image Sean ・1 min read

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First off, I'm NOT a group person. Teamwork has never been my thing. Maybe it's because I don't like sharing credit, but I have to admit working as a team is crucial to advancement in any form. Also, when everyone has their own different sphere of expertise stuff gets done.

So what's this post about?

This is me pretty much showing two of my best group projects in python and in JavaScript.

Run them if you want

Python #1

Python #2

JavaScript #1

I take almost no credit for the live chat. There were a lot of people who worked on it. Like, almost more than 50 people worked on it. Compared to some of the guys who worked on it, my contribution was super small., but I still have a copy of it.

JavaScript #2

This project was done with a friend of mine. He didn't contribute much, since he was practically a noob, but it was a good way to show him another practical use of JS, CSS, and HTML web development other than website

What are yours?

Put a link to one of your group projects in the comments. It can be in any language.

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