Vuejs, React, Or Angular?

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I've always wondered...🤔?

Not all devs are frontend devs, and not all use frameworks, and not all use one of these three, so I don't really expect to get a satisfying answer from any one, really, but which one is better Vue, React, or Angular. I've done my best to learn all three but React is the only one that comes naturally to me. Vue is like the mutant child of Svelte and Preact, and Angular isn't my cup of tea because it's only available for TypeScript, and I'm probably one of the worst attempts at a TypeScript dev ever. I want to believe that React is the better overall tool, because ignorance is bliss(and because I'm better with it). At the same time I know that bliss usually means mediocrity. I know that as a dev there are specific tools that work best for a specific job, and there are some that work great generally too, I just want to know whether I'm sticking with React because I like it or because it's my best option and because I like it.

Any body got any thoughts that might lead me in the right direction?🤷

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Hi, name's Sean. I'm a junior developer(still in high school though).


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I don't like Typescript in general and I think it would take a lot of time to create a trivial project like a note taking app. I like both Vue and React, but they have their differences. React is pretty easy but it seems a little weird typing HTML in Javascript. Vue is also pretty simple, and it keeps everything in their separate places, but it's not as easy to me as React.

const fotm = ["Vue", "React", "Angular"];
const bestOption = fotm[Math.floor(Math.random() * fotm.length)];

Run this on your console. Don't like the result? Pick React because you know it already. The point is it doesn't really matter which. All of them are good.

Best of luck!


It really depends on what you want/need to do that makes Vue/Angular/React ‘better’ than the others - it’s not “better overall”, it’s “better for the job in front of me”. If you focus on understanding one of them well (in your case, it sounds like React) you’ll be able to fumble through the others if you find yourself in the position where you need to.

Depending on what you’re working on, TypeScript might be overkill. I would look into articles such as this one to understand what types of situations TypeScript is best suited for, and dive in once you find yourself in one of those situations.

TypeScript is one of those things that until you have a situation where you can really feel the benefits, it’ll be hard to understand why you would use over JavaScript. Learning an Object-Oriented language such as Java where you can mentally distinguish the syntax easier may also help to understand and reinforce the patterns of TypeScript.


Thanks, really helpful.


I haven't used React at all and Vue is nice, but Angular isn't really that bad. I didn't know TypeScript at all before my company moved over to it (so we could use Angular). It has a small learning curve, but if you know C# or even some Java, it's not really difficult to pick up.

Personally, I like it much more than pure JS (and I've been working with JS since the 90s).


I'm curious to know what your aversion to Typescript is. It's strictly a superset of Javascript, and does a lot to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot.


I don't have one. Writing with TypeScript doesn't click for me. It takes more thinking to get it right compared to when I write with plain JS.


Can you explain what you mean by "get it right compared to JS"? TS pretty much helps you in every way possible

Help is different than understanding. What I mean is that I don't really get TypeScript, because of that I perform better when doing the same task in vanilla JavaScript over TypeScript. Saying that TypeScript helps me in every way possible is like saying that riding a bike over driving a car help you in every way possible. If you ride a bike you get fit, and you don't contribute as much to air pollution. Nevertheless you'll always get to where you're going faster with a car. Sure TypeScript grants type safety and what not, but it's useless to me if I can't understand it like I should.

Sounds like you are not really too interested in learning or going beyond your comfort zone, so I guess the answer to your original question is stick with React.