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Just Got The 4 Week Streak On DEV🙌

seanolad profile image Sean ・1 min read

Hi Dev!, I Just Got The 4 Week Streak Sticker!!!🎉

Just got the four week posting sticker, and it is very cool indeed. What stickers have you gotten? Write about it in the comments, if you have a sticker that most people don't write about how you got it.


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Congrats! I had a doubt. Do you need to post daily for this achievement?


I had the same question too


NO, just once every 7 days. But posting more frequently will likely ensure getting the badge


I am pretty sure that the first-week badge of yours is the first of many.
You can check this out if you wish.

Here are the badges I have:
  • Four weeks streak
  • Go
  • She coded 2020
  • Top 7 author

I got the four week streak, the title had a typo.


Nice! Looks like I have a new goal for this month!