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Adam Wathan, the maintainer of TailwindCSS, wrote an article a couple years ago about the differences in CSS architecture that exist between traditional approaches (BEM, SMACSS) and atomic/utility approaches.

Here's that article: adamwathan.me/css-utility-classes-...

I recommend everyone read it.

Adam doesn't declare that one approach is bad and another is good. Instead he provides insight into what the constraints are of each and what use-cases each might be good for.

In the end he argues that most of the sites/apps he works on benefit from the approach provided by TailwindCSS and other similar libraries (Bulma, Tachyons, even Bootstrap's utility classes).

I think understanding why we should use TailwindCSS is as important (or more) as asking the question "does Tailwind make me more productive?"

And yes, I like TailwindCSS because it fits the type of work that I find myself regularly doing.


Ooo love that post, that answers a lot of my concerns.


Thanks for the thoughtful response and link to Adam's post. Definitely going to give it a read. I'm eager to try it out, but thought it'd be fun to get some feedback from the community. Cheers. 😎

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