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From dozens of failed projects and gigs to jumping from idea to idea. You just defined my story as if you were reading my mind. This article felt like I wrote it myself! (Difference being that I have less industry experience 🤣 and I'm horrible with words)

I can't wait to share your article. I have this one free app on Google play that took me 3 days to write and publish (the first version of course) and I have a 2 year long project that never saw the light.

Write more of these man!


I'm glad it resonated with you! Thank you for showing the support!

What stops you from releasing your two-year long project? Maybe you don't realize, but it's quite ready for its first users? A wise man said that what you should ship product while you still embarrassed about it. When you don't that means it's too late!

I had a breakthrough when I set myself a deadline to ship a web app in a week and did it publicly on Twitter. The combination of constants that made me think about how to reduce the scope and accountability helped to achieve the goal. Once I shipped it on Product Hunt and received a lot of positive feedback I got me wanting more of that. I got hooked!


I made the mistake of assuming. As you said, I hadn't even published any piece of it and I was struggling with how I'll be processing credit cards. I added so many features that tech debt caught up with me. I am still looking forward to working on it again. I'm still babysitting the android app for now.

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