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Open Production-ready Web Projects

Last week, I just discovered that source is available on Github and the codebase is huge!

That day, I spent my whole evening skimming through the source code and its comprehensive docs prepared by the team. I launched the project on my machine using Docker Compose in a few minutes. It's super easy to set up.

From reading the source code, I've learned how people in a big project is deployed, what each of the background jobs does, how they do caching, how they build/rebuild and update Elasticsearch indexes, etc. I also learned how the team coordinates on what features to work on systematically. It's not something that you can simply learn from tutorials or courses.

Launching a new Awesome list

Today, I present to you, Open Production-ready Web Projects List. I have compiled a list of web projects that are:

  • In use in production
  • The source is available as Open source
  • Can be deployed locally/on-prem
  • Ready to use (zero development required)
  • Preferrably offered as SaaS service as well

The intention of this list is to show how real-world projects look like. I have grouped the projects by programming languages and frameworks they are built on. If you are using the same stacks as theirs, you can learn from them on how they organize and structure the code.

I am pretty sure you can learn a ton as I did from reading their code!


I really appreciate it if any of you could submit a Pull Request to this newly created list. I really hope to see this list grow bigger!

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