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Discussion on: Take the Leap! 10 Steps to Building Your Personal Blog With AWS + Hugo

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Steven Diamante

Great article! I disagree with AWS being a good choice for a personal blog, however I guess I'm just not trying to get stuck with a big bill. I tried to create a newsletter using MailChimp, Netlify, and Zapier and it went great except for the fact that MailChimp requires you to submit a mailing address with your profile. Since I don't have a business address and I'm not comfortable with strangers knowing my home address I had to shut the feature down. Did you run into that at all?

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Allen Helton Author

Thanks Steven!

I'd say AWS has its pros and cons. I don't think it's as expensive as you think, but I prefer the "pay for what you use" model vs the "guaranteed amount + overages" model of something like Netlify.

As for the mailchimp address, yeah it's something I definitely took into consideration, and I might change my mind about using it, but decided to go with it for the time being because of low barrier to entry.