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Here's what to expect from a React interview (featuring Cassidoo)

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I was lucky to connect with @Cassidoo because she made an awesome course on React interview questions at Scrimba, where I work.

Cassidy Williams is a Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, who has sat on both sides of the interview table many times.

I wanted to spread the word about her helpful course, so I turned parts of it into a free post, which really took off 🚀😳

The success of that post got me thinking - these resources must be valuable.

I always believed they would help you succeed in a React interview, but I also knew an interview is about so much more than regurgitating answers.

It's so hard to know when you're ready.

It's harder yet to know what to expect.

It inspired me to reach out to the Scrimba Discord community where I found two awesome new developers aspiring for their first full-time React job.

Then, I told them almost nothing about what to expect and connected them with Cassidy Williams (who they hadn't yet met) to participate in a mock React interview.

Talk about scary 😨!

Stefi and Alejandro were real champs 🏆 - I hope you enjoy their interviews with Cassidy (who was awesome also).


Here are the videos - feel free to bookmark 📘 this post and come back to them later, and remember to show some love ♥️ for Stefi and Alejandro:

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terieyenike profile image

Cassidy tips for standing out when applying for junior dev roles are really spot on and encourage everyone to apply those in their application.
Thanks Scrimba.

terieyenike profile image

I gained a lot from the mock interview and hoping to see more of this.