What would your dream tech conference look like?

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With Codeland just around the corner, it got me thinking.

If resources, time, etc were not an issue, what would your dream tech conference look like?

Think about the topic(s), location, content, format, swag, etc.

The sky is the limit!

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Definitely a Disney themed one. It could be held at Disney World or Disneyland. Content would be actually Disney software engineers speaking about a variety of tech topics. Their talks could show the audience how they use specific languages and frameworks to create some of their past projects they've done. Plus there would be an appearance from Mickey and Minnie at the beginning of the conference.


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A conference at Disney really would be a dream come true.

The tech magic that happens there is fascinating. I'd want to know what it's like to be an engineer or developer at Disney.


Agreed! Plus it would be interesting to see how Disney uses different languages and frameworks to create Disney magic. It would be so inspiring to see how something like JavaScript methods were able to create something magical on the movie screen or on a Disney website. It would definitely inspire developers with the possibilities code can bring and how the fundamentals play a role in what Disney is able to create.

There's the non-programming side of tech too! AI, sound, music, etc.

Exactly! It would be like the D23 Expo they do every couple of years but just for tech. Plus the developers and software engineers from other properties Disney does own(i.e. Star Wars, Marvel) could be represented.


Affordable. It's cool when your company can send you to conferences, but if I am self-employed or underemployed (like I am at the moment), there is no way I can justify the expense. I imagine there are many companies where it is a similar situation, or where seniority determines who gets to go so I wouldn't stand a chance.


I hear ya! The cost of a conference ticket its self can be a barrier if your company is not covering it. And it seems like most tech conferences are in SFO or NYC which are also expensive places to stay.

I'd like to see more tech conferences in the midwest which would be central for the US population and cost of living/staying is lower.


Like Codeland, but for a week instead of a day.

Preferably in some location nicer than NYC.

I realize that those two aspects of Codeland are what help keep it cheap and accessible to its target audience, but you did say given unlimited resources...


Yasss! Would that be a summit instead of a conference? Either way, I'm down!


Doesn't necessarily have to be a week, but more than one day would be nice...


To answer my own question, here is what I'd like my ideal tech conference to look like

  • One track. β€” Personally, I can get overwhelmed when there are multiple tracks/multiple rooms where I have to pick attending one session over another.
  • Affordable. β€” I'd like to see a tech conference in the mid-west so that it's not drastically far from people who live on either coast. Plus, staying in a hotel or AirBnB may be cheaper compared to NYC or SFO. This can also mean pricing at cost or free is possible.
  • Designated time to chat with speakers. β€” Litmus Live usually has a "meet the speaker" part of the program where they can ask questions without missing out on talks.
  • Livestream and/or record sessions. β€” Write the Docs wins at this. By dinner time, my talk from before lunch was already on their Youtube channel!
  • Quiet rooms. β€” For speakers and attendees. Conferences can be overwhelming.
  • Food. β€” Obvs. I've yet to attend a conference that got this wrong, but an abundance of snacks, meals (keeping dietary restrictions in mind) and beverages is important. Ingredient labels are a quick win.
  • Sustainable. β€” There are debates on if conference swag is ok or just a waste of resources. I think there are opportunities for sponsors to provide swag that is meaningful while still promoting their business or cause. The coffee bar and branded thermos provided by Flatiron School at Codeland is a good example. Other sustainable ideas include recyclable flatware and dishes and donating leftover food to local food banks if appropriate.

I'm sure I'll add more to this given my unlimited budget :)


It would be nice if there was one closer to where I live.


One track with lots of breaks after the talks. Extra long lunch break for discussions.

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