I've Rediscovered How Fun Javascript Can Be, Ask Me Anything!

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I remember when Javascript finally clicked for me way back in 2017.

It was magical.

I could build apps with weird functionality without too much overhead.

Then, my focus changed, life happened.

Nearly 3 years later (after learning OOP, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails in the meantime) I'm back on the Javascript train and ready to keep experimenting and learning.


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The million-dollar question!

There is no Javascript in email development (my day job) so dabbling with that was strictly an evenings/weekend thing. Looking back at 2018, I spoke at 3 conferences which took up a lot of my spare time. And I bought a house, moved, enrolled/completed a nanodegree (which did have some complex Javascript at its core, but I was mostly playing catch up) and started looking into new roles. In 2019, more of the same, but by Spring things started to calm down.

It wasn't that I didn't want to do more with Javascript, I was just had other priorities.


What was the one feature in JS that helped you out the most while solving a given problem or issue?


It's not ideal but I still use a lot of console.logs() to quickly test my outputs or to see if my functions are firing. Using typeof has also been helpful.


Everyone I know, uses this. I have at least one console log in every function.


What is your favorite new feature that you discovered.


It's really new but the move to let and const over var is great. Everything feels so much cleaner and easier to troubleshoot.


Const is great! Array.map is my favorite. I never write for loops in is anymore.


I got a question I’m in love with C# and I’m considering on stop learning it until I learn JavaScript ,My question is should I learn first c# or JavaScript ?


Wrong question.

Learn what you need and what you want to.

If you want to learn Javascript, do it.

No language is generally better than another. It always depends on what you want to achieve...


Thanks for your answer & yes definitely I’m going to start doing that focusing on what I need to achieve ..


Awesome! What's your new javascript thing to do now that you didn't do before?


I hadn't used fetch much before now, so I am looking forward to using it and experimenting with APIs.


I had not heard of optional chaining, but I like the idea of it. I'll have test it out.


What did you pick up from Ruby that impacted your JavaScript development style?


Learning the fundamentals behind OOP has been game changing. I feel like I get stuck less or if I do, I know what to try to work toward a solution. 💪


Not from day one. But it's possible by now.

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