The "scared of change" fallacy

Scott Bowler on November 13, 2018

Please note: This is an opinion piece by Scott Bowler and does not count as an official statement by ClassicPress. I would like to put a topic... [Read Full]
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In some situations people definitely won't change because they're scared or because it is difficult.

Making a significant update to a widely used tool is always going to be controversial. And I suppose you have to expect the developers of the 'change' are going to defend their decision. Even if ultimately their decision was a bad one.

My main gripe with WordPress, if you exclude all the legacy and security issues, is they have refused to integrate with Composer in any way. So more and more developers are hacking together WordPress / Composer based solutions which will ultimately undermine the WordPress project entirely unless WordPress embrace Composer.

As your post highlights it's clear a number of splits are beginning to occur in the community.


ClassicPress is embracing composer - for a start you will be able to install ClassicPress using it


at least you hate it because it is buggy, I hate for different technical reasons and community/project management 😂
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