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How mastering your tools can make or break you as a dev

I was working on my first offer on how to make your first contribution to open source.

But then...I realized that a huge blocker in devs with experience across the board is not mastering their tools

And...if you cant use the command line, you probably wont be able to make your first contribution to open source.

When Im talking about tools, I am talking about the tools we use on a daily basis to get our job done.


...using the command line

...using git

....using our text editor

....etc etc

Now, why is this so important?

Glad you asked ;)

Being a developer is so mentally intense your tools need to be second nature.

Like a brush to an artist, or a sword to a samurai.

If youre struggling with your tools you cannot free your mind to solve the hard problems that exist in engineering.


With all that being said...I thought it would be valuable to put together a quick resource on Mastering the Command Line in Under 30 Minutes.

I put the commands in there that I use most often on a daily basis to help you learn almost all of the commands you need to be a working developer or engineer.

Mastering the command line is E-SSENTIAL to being a developer. I probably spend most of my time in the terminal.

I see new developers scared to dive in to the world of the command line...

But I promise....its simple as long as you know what youre supposed to do and it will make your life as a developer so much easier.

Comment below if this is something you would be interested in :)

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