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How Simplecast’s Brand Caught my Eye - Customer Support Convinced me to Buy

Simplecast’s brand caught my attention and their approach to support convinced me to use their hosting service.

Their implementation of a heavy, Helvetica-inspired typeface for the website’s copy and statements, coupled with the quirky illustrations and overall styleguide and color palette - everything about this brand evoke feelings that summarize the entire podcasting industry. Podcasting is an industry inspired by radio, that merges older, analog technology into a modern, digital medium.

No doubt, there are a lot of podcast audio hosting companies out there. When I was setting up my second podcast Makerviews, a couple years ago, Simplecast was one podcast hosting and analytics platform that got onto my radar through research. This brand’s website, articles, and visuals instantly resonated with me.

Simplecast caught my eye and I started following their work, digging in more.

Simplecast podcast hosting website homepage

Drawn-in by this brand’s visuals, blog articles, and overall ethos, what eventually got my card out and sold me on their product was their personalized attention to customer success.

Their customer support team’s responses to my inquiries were superb. My technical inquiries about their API eventually led into me continuing the discussion directly with their CTO Stephen Hallgren. Simplecast is a team with a personalized, all-hand’s customer support approach. They have fine-tuned their customer support, communication, and feedback system.

Every touchpoint, every interaction that anyone has with a brand shapes the entirety of the brand and its authority, trustworthiness, and credibility. Brands that pay close attention to customer support show prospective customers that they care.

Simplecast showed me that they give a damn.

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Garrett / G66

I’ve been using Simplecast for years. They’re fantastic.

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Scott Mathson

Admittedly, I've since switched to my own DigitalOcean hosted Space for audio. I'm not needing the full suite of podcast analytics, sharing tools (developed my own @, etc. Simplecast is fantastic, though I 100% agree Garrett,