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Firebase  - Tables & Reports

Using FireDrill for tabular view and reporting of Firebase data.

In FireDrill we can switch from the default Card view to Table view.

Now we see a tabular view of our data with sorting and filtering. Nice!

We can also adjust the columns we see and show a Totals footer.

After unchecking Category and checking Totals above we no longer see the Category column and we now see a sum of the Price field.

A nice report of our total shoe inventory! Lets print this so we can share it as a PDF document.

I see the preview on the right of my report to be printed. I’m using the CutePDF driver which allows printing to PDF, or if you want a hard copy just select your printer.

And here is our pdf report!

How do you FIND , EDIT , and REPORT data from Firebase? Drill baby drill…with FireDrill.

As always, if you have any issues please report them here. Happy drilling!

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