re: Are we Developers helping Google to build an unstoppable monopoly? VIEW POST


Honestly, my data isn't worth protecting. I have given it away freely for years and will continue to do so until it negatively impacts me. Google isn't too big to fail, in fact, it could very easily start failing considering the considerable controversies it's currently facing discrimination and privacy issues.

This isn't a developer problem, this is simply a capitalist problem. Free will always be better, but will there ever be a team of people who work round the clock all day to provide you with a service as good as Google Maps for free? No. Even with ads, it would be horrible.

I can't decide if I'm underestimating how much my data is of value, or if everyone else is completely overestimating the value of theirs. As someone said earlier: I'm more scared of my Government having this information than Google.

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