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BookstackApp css fixes

Frustrated with their dark theme, and dark reader wasnt doing it. I moved over some of my dokuwiki theme i was using over and moved some other settings around like the opacity hovers were annoying me, the banner on top was annoying, the small content area was annoying with the two side bars way out there (large screen), this seems tweaks those things. Enjoy.

<br> html.dark-mode {<br> background: #000 !important;<br> color: #eee;<br> }<br> html.dark-mode body {<br> color: #eee;<br> }<br> html.dark-mode .card {<br> border: 1px solid #444;<br> box-shadow: 0 0 0.5em #ddd;<br> border-radius: 2px;<br> }<br> html.dark-mode header {<br> filter: none !important;<br> background-color: #000 !important;<br> border-bottom: 1px solid #f90;<br> }</p> <p>html.dark-mode h1,<br> html.dark-mode h2,<br> html.dark-mode h3,<br> html.dark-mode h4,<br> html.dark-mode h5,<br> html.dark-mode h6 {<br> color: #eee;<br> }<br> .breadcrumbs {<br> opacity: 1;<br> }<br> @media screen and (min-width: 1000px) html.dark-mode .tri-layout-left-contents&gt;<em>, html.dark-mode .tri-layout-right-contents&gt;</em> {<br> opacity: 1;<br> }<br> html.dark-mode .tri-layout-left-contents &gt; *,<br> html.dark-mode .tri-layout-right-contents &gt; * {<br> opacity: 1;<br> }<br> .cm-s-darcula.CodeMirror {<br> background: #000;<br> }<br> .table &gt; table &gt; tbody {<br> background-color: #000;<br> }<br> .page-content {<br> max-width: 100%;<br> }<br> .tri-layout-middle-contents {<br> max-width: 100%;<br> }<br> .tri-layout-container {<br> max-width: 80%;<br> margin: 0 auto;<br> }</p> <p>`

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