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re: No corporation will ever reward your loyalty the way you think they ought to. You are replaceable. Everyone is replaceable. The corporation is an e...

1000 times yes. I spent many, many years learning this the hard way. It's a natural tendency to throw good time after bad, just like we throw good money after bad.

It also helps to realize that this isn't really an "evil" quality of corporations. The problem is that because they are made of humans we expect them to be human. But they can't, because they aren't.

We get emotionally sucked in because so many times our interactions are personal. People we deal with are awesome, evil, or degrees in between. I think members of a corporation can even collectively try to make it human and even have a degree of seeming success. But none of those individuals can control it any more than we can. It will always be the very definition of impersonal.

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