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I wouldn't worry about it. I tell a lot of people to avoid jobs that even have the junior developer title. You were a qualified junior developer the minute you finished your first programming class in college (maybe not... but definitely before you graduated).

"Junior Developer" is a somewhat controversial title. In many cases it's an excuse to pay you less than software engineers that are doing the exact same work you are, and unless the company has a defined progression system (no longer junior after X months) it will also be a title they could keep you in, and the raise you get when you graduate to "developer" won't be as much as they would pay you if they had directly hired you into that role. Titles in software are very vague and don't mean the same thing from company to company. Don't get too tied up in them.

That said, I understand the anxiety. We all have it (most of us at least!). Don't worry about titles and look at it this way: If you have somewhere between 60-80% of the requirements listed on the job post (from personal or professional experience) then you're in the running. Look for a company that can setup a good mentor support (smaller teams tend to be very good at this) and prepare to spend the rest of your career learning a ton of stuff they don't (and can't) teach in school.

And don't worry about the number of years experience. A ton of those posts are written by people in HR and they ask for things like 5 years of experience in a 2-year-old framework!

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