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A stage for our open-source contributors

When we first showed the world Novu (an open-source notification infrastructure) we were amazed by the incredible adoption by our community members and how the project was shaped by the dozen of individual contributors from around the world.

Over the past 6 months, more than 2,000 commits were made by more than 50 different contributors who sparked incredible ideas and helped with almost any aspect of

In the last couple of weeks, we thought of a way for us to showcase these incredible individuals who are bringing Novu to life.

Excited to share with you the Novu Community Heroes program to highlight our contributors and showcase their work to the world.

Community Heroes

We created a unique page for every single contributor highlighting their:

  • Latest pull request and contributions
  • Their public GitHub profile bio
  • Social Media Link
  • Contribution Badges

You can find the link here:

We encourage every open-source library to promote its contributors in every possible way. This project was not easy to make as we needed a way to automate all our contributor's actions.

So we have created this public repository if you are curios on have it was implemented:

We have been using and GitHub to sync our contributor's work, and grant them badged and medals once a PR was approved.

How to earn a Novu Contributor Badge?

Head over to our Novu's issue page, find an issue that you might want to help with and get a PR ready (need any help? you can reach us on Discord).

The future of Novu Contributors Project

It's only the beginning of the project. We have an excellent roadmap of more things we want to feature, such as

  1. Discord Contributions
  2. Github Discussions
  3. Github Issues
  4. Content creators

Do you think about something specific we should add? Happy to hear it in the comments

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Nevo David

Love it 😍

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Mori Kuldip

Grate ❤️

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Luthira Geesilu


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