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Why I failed in Tech 

Getting started in Tech requires a lot of planning, but no one seems to tell you this if you are a beginner. You are told to jump in and ask questions later.

However, most people getting into Tech are unsure if this path is right for them.

Being unsure is okay. Coming from a non-techie background myself, the allure of what it means to have a tech background was tempting. The perks, the swags, and the feeling of being one of the guys doing Tech were too shining to pass on. 

I jumped into Tech, hoping to make a killing, and now Tech has killed me. What went wrong? 

I soon learned the most pivotal aspect of Tech: just because it is said to be easy does not mean it is easy for everyone. 

Choose your battle properly. 

Using my story, let's examine some dangers of not deciding whether becoming a programmer is good for you. 

I am an art student and love history and literature, but due to the lack of jobs, I got excited when I saw a YouTube video on LEARN TECH IN 2 WEEKS AND GET A JOB. 

This was so exciting, and I jumped right on that video. 

The YouTube video spoke about the many opportunities and how I could get a job in weeks, and I was amazed at how easy this was. 

I started planning my life around making millions of dollars as a developer until I hit my first shocker.

All the recommended videos were not easy to understand as one would need knowledge of Python. 

I decided…..

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