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Why AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Matters in Cloud Computing Roles

Cloud computing has transformed the IT industry over the past decade, with more and more companies migrating their infrastructure and workloads to the cloud.

This major shift has created a strong demand for cloud computing skills and certifications as organizations look to hire qualified candidates to design, build, and manage cloud environments.

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One of the most popular entry-level cloud certifications is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Here are some of the key reasons this foundational certification can help you break into cloud computing roles as a beginner:

Validates Basic Cloud Knowledge

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam covers cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. Earning this cert proves you have a basic but comprehensive understanding of the AWS cloud.

While you won’t be ready to architect complex solutions or administer AWS environments, it shows you understand cloud terminology, benefits, economics, and best practices. Demonstrating this foundational knowledge is essential when getting your first job in the cloud space.

Highlights Commitment to Cloud Computing

Earning an entry-level certification like the AWS Cloud Practitioner signals employers that you have invested time and effort into developing cloud skills. It shows you have initiative and are committed to starting a career in cloud computing.

While the exam material is relatively introductory, studying for any IT certification demonstrates drive, dedication and motivation to learn. These soft skills attract hiring managers looking for junior-level candidates with long-term potential.

Boosts Resume for Cloud Computing Roles

The AWS Cloud Practitioner credential pops on a resume and immediately catches a hiring manager's eye.

When applying for competitive cloud computing roles as a career switcher or new grad, it provides third-party validation of your cloud knowledge.

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This can help your resume stand out from other candidates. While the certification alone won't get you the job, it offers credibility and can get your foot in the door for interviews.

Opens Doors for Entry-Level Cloud Positions

Many companies hiring for junior cloud roles like Cloud Support Associate, Cloud Consultant Trainee, Cloud Analyst, etc, view the AWS Cloud Practitioner or other foundational certifications as a prerequisite or strongly preferred qualification.

Obtaining this cert can make you eligible for these entry-level positions that otherwise may have been a stretch.

While you’ll still need to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the interview, the cert gets your resume through automated tracking systems and hiring manager filters.

Validates Transferable Skills

For those looking to transition into cloud computing from another field, the AWS Cloud Practitioner cert validates you have developed some of the fundamental skills needed for success in the cloud.

For example, roles in IT, software development, analytics, business intelligence and other fields develop relevant competencies like technology understanding, problem-solving, analytical thinking, and communication/collaboration.

Earning a foundational cloud certification demonstrates you have capabilities to build upon and ability to learn new technical skills.

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Reinforces Cloud Training

The certification process reinforces what you learn in cloud training programs and online courses. Even if you've acquired cloud computing knowledge through coursework, labs, and hands-on learning, the pressure of passing a certification exam forces you to focus on key concepts and fully grasp the core material.

Preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam takes cloud learning to a deeper level and ensures retention of infrastructure principles, services, security fundamentals and AWS best practices.

Introduces AWS Ecosystem & Community

Preparing for any AWS certification provides exposure to the wider AWS ecosystem and community.

You'll become familiar with AWS documentation, whitepapers, forums, partners, events and more resources. As you embark on your AWS journey, this gives you a running start in knowing where to go for help, information, education, and career support.

The certification process primes you to leverage the extensive AWS ecosystem to build your skills and knowledge over time continuously.

Starts You Down AWS Certification Path

Earning the AWS Cloud Practitioner cert puts you on the path towards more advanced AWS certifications.

It qualifies you to take the Solutions Architect Associate exam, opening doors for the Professional and Specialty certifications.

By starting with Cloud Practitioner, you begin developing your AWS skills and credibility to help position you for higher-level cloud roles in the future. Think of it as the onramp to more valuable AWS certifications.

Boosts Cloud Employability & Earning Potential

Investing the time and effort to earn AWS certifications pays dividends in terms of employability, job options, and salary potential. IDC research found that IT professionals with AWS certifications earn an average of 26% more than peers without AWS certs.

Cloud computing is the future of technology, and companies will continue investing heavily in the cloud. Developing your cloud skills and credentials is vital to be competitive and maximize your earning ability.

While the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification alone won't land you a 6 figure cloud architect job, it offers tremendous value as an entry point into the industry.

This foundational cert should be a top priority for those looking to pivot their careers into the cloud computing space. The knowledge validation, credibility boost and doors it opens for junior roles make the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification extremely worthwhile for cloud computing career success.

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mauricebrg profile image
Maurice Borgmeier

Here are some additional benefits if you think of this as the beginning of your certification journey:

  • It may be your first exposure to the exam software and it's less stressful to start with a simpler exam
  • You become familiar with the style of questions asked in the more difficult exams
  • You get your first 50% off voucher for the next certification if you pass
  • The exam is mostly focused on a solid understanding of the terminology and basic concepts which is a super helpful building block to tackle more challenging certifications later

I would still strongly recommend to get the Solutions Architect - Associate certification as soon as you can afterward, that one validates a lot more knowledge and thus has a bit more "prestige".

Tip: If English is not your first language, you get 30 minutes extra for free if you add the "ESL +30" exam accommodation before booking the exam, see here for more details.

scofieldidehen profile image
Scofield Idehen

this is insightful