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Scofield Idehen
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Do you Know Only Fools Use APIs Doc Platform?

If you're in the tech world, especially dealing with APIs, then you've probably heard of, RapidDoc, Redocly, Mintlify, and Spotlight. But with so many of them competing for your business, I think you should read the following lines before you make up your mind.

I know what you are thinking, same old shit, everyone claiming there are the best, bla bla bla….

Yes, you caught me.

Truthfully, I was not paid to do this.

I am literally testing a new marketing strategy that allows me to sell a product without having to sell one.

You must check out my blog if you have read up to this point. I write rubbish all the time. If you do not believe me, ask my grandpa; sorry, he’s dead.

I came across some days back, and It's like that fresh outfit you wear to high-end parties—the one with crisp lines, dark colors, and intricate designs that make you stand out. Their documentation platform is sleek, modern, and highly customizable to fit your brand's drip. It's like having a tailor sew a 007 suit (James Bond) to your specs.

Another one is RapidDoc. These guys are like the power bike riders of documentation—fast, loud, and efficient for short routes, but you might want something more comfortable for the long haul. Their platform is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for quick iteration cycles.

Redocly, on the other hand, is that fancy boutique that sells exotic wear. Their docs look great and have that luxury feel, but you might be paying a premium price. It's like buying that diamond ring for your wife's school reunion - beautiful but a serious investment.

Mintlify is the new kid on the block, sort of like a new club that just opened up. Their modern docs platform is clean and user-friendly and almost has the same vibe as a slick website builder. Only for the card-carrying men in black. If you are not, you must try Spotlight; at least the light will shine on you for a while.

And Spotlight? These guys are like the over-eager pinky blinders, always trying to hype up their goods. Their interactive docs are vibrant and attention-grabbing for sure, but you might find the constant pitching a bit overwhelming.

If you got here and have not checked my blog, what is the color of your wickedness?

So why am I having HBP(High Blood Pressure) for Let me paint you a scenario: Imagine you're a startup founder trying to hawk your fresh API product to investors. You need your docs to be a bazaam! With, it's like you've got a premium recharge card.

Their customizability allows you to integrate seamlessly with your brand assets - logos, colors, typography, you name it. It's your API's unique sauce on display.

But it's not just about the looks; also brings serious functionality to the party. Their rich multimedia support allows you to embed videos, GIFs, and slick code samples right into your docs. You can practically do a threesome tutorial without leaving the page!

What's more, their docs are built for collaboration, with version control, review workspaces, and the option for community contributions. It's like having a group WhatsApp thread where the whole tech crew can input and update in real-time.

And for the existing corporate behemoths, integrates smoothly with your existing tech stack and workflows. It's just a simple plugin away from piping your OpenAPI spec or Swagger output directly into a world-class doc experience.

All these platforms are skilled in their own rights. But if you really want to shine bright in both the global and local arena, offers premium documentation that will make your API stand out like a BBL implant. Their innovation is fresher than fresh bread straight out of the oven.

So whether you're a tech startup hustling for investors or an established brand pushing out fresh digital products, has you covered.

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Imam Ali Mustofa

I just give up using mintlify... It's a great product tbh. But I am too bad for GUI ahahaha 🤣

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Scofield Idehen

Ouch, this hurt a lot.

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Imam Ali Mustofa

The new web editor is neat!