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Discussion: What is The Best Hosting Out There? And What is Your Favorite?

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I am finally getting to working on my website where I can talk about my experience with astrophotography. I have been putting it off for a while for a few reasons, and the main reason being that living in the northeastern US you don't always get nice weather in winter and I don't think I am up for spending nights outside in the cold taking multiples of long exposures of the night sky... 🪐

So, today I created a simple coming soon page and for now I am hosting it on Heroku. Once I am done with my web app, I am going to host it, so I can show off my photography and bring astrophotographers like myself together.

But... my question is, what is the best hosting out there? What is your favorite and why?

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Gustavo Isensee

Another option would be, they have free service which I use for my website as well, u can also set up Dns, and if you have a huge amount of visitors you can also upgrade for a better plan with more scalability :)

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Julia Author

I will definitely check it out! I have a few small project I want to show off, but also will need a reliable service for something bigger. Thank you for you recommendation!

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Hey Yuli, opinions are just that. My experience with GoDaddy is that they are always pushing for an upgrade, upsell and getting more of your money. I also find their tech support to be wanting.

We've hosted for years and tried dozens of providers. Our last stop was with Prices are OK, but their tech support is unseen these days. Most things can be done on chat, and tickets are usually turned around within the hour.
Disclaimer: I get nothing for posting this, just hoping to help a fellow coder 😊

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Julia Author

I wish we all got something for recommending one service over another. 😂

I do not like being pushed to upgrade when it's not necessary lol, and will definitely look into ChemiCloud. Thank you!

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Brandin Chiu

This is a super dangerous question that can lead to serious injury and/or hurt feelings. Always be very careful asking developers what the "best" of anything is, lol.

If you're site is static (as in just text content, no real interaction), then some of the cheapest, yet easiest to scale hosting is using either AWS/Gcloud through their object storage.

Hosting a static site through S3 for example can be really cheap, but solve a lot of the problems with uptime scaling.

Google can let you do similar things by setting up a Cloud Storage bucket as a CDN.

If you're app is functional, but not a service, then cloud options may be overkill. Digital Ocean and GoDaddy provide good middle of the ground options, but make system configuration a lot more limited. Otherwise Heroku or Netlify are good options too but require more hands on setup.

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Julia Author • Edited

😅I am hoping we can accept each other's opinions, even though we might not agree. We are adults here, aren't we? Maybe, you're right, and I should have asked what everyone uses?.. LOL

Thank you very much for your insight and recommendations!

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In Heroku limit only 5 deploys.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

If you got credit card, you can have unlimited deploys, but never have to pay.

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Julia Author

Yes! And also with a cc you can use/add custom domains you already own and pay for, and not pay a fee to Heroku.

Heroku ask for a cc just as a means of verification.