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@Problem Archive - cp_01

schm06 profile image S CH MAJUMDER ・1 min read

@Problem Archive - competitive programming.

1st problem: URI Online Judge | 1001 Extremely Basic Adapted by Neilor Tonin, URI Brazil

Timelimit: 1 / Read 2 variables, named A and B and make the sum of these two variables, assigning its result to the variable X. Print X as shown below. Print endline after the result otherwise you will get “Presentation Error”.

Input The input file will contain 2 integer numbers.

Output Print the letter X (uppercase) with a blank space before and after the equal signal followed by the value of X, according to the following example.

Obs.: don't forget the endline after all.

Samples Input 10 9 | -10 4 | 15 -7

Samples Output X = 19 | X = -6 | X = 8


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