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How to activate Bluetooth on Linux

Hey folks !!

Many peoples have Bluetooth activation problem with their linux distro after first installation.

I had the same issue a couple month ago, i'll show you how i solved it.

  • My distro: kali Linux (2022.3)

  • DE: Gnome42

To activate your Bluetooth go in your terminal and type the command below.
sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service
the terminal will ask you for your MDP as you're working as a #root user

Now go on your settings>bluetooth and you'll see your switch button ON

yeahhhh it works pretty well but every time you turnoff your machine this config will reset (not good 😑)

Here's how to deal with that.

sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service

Everything should be okay now, HaveAnAmazingDay 😊

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