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NoSQL vs. SQL: 12 Datastores for Your Application

Satish Chandra Gupta
Machine Learning Practitioner. I learn & write about doing ML in production. Cofounder: Ex: Amazon, Microsoft Research. Newsletter:
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How do you choose a database? Maybe, you assess whether the use case needs a Relational database. Depending on the answer, you pick your favorite SQL or NoSQL datastore, and make it work. It is a prudent tactic: a known devil is better than an unknown angel.

Picking the right datastore can simplify your application. A wrong choice can add friction. This article will help you expand your list of known devils. It covers the following:

  • Database constituents that define a datastore’s characteristics.
  • Datastores categorized by data types: unstructured, structured (tabular), and various semi-structured (NoSQL) types.
  • Datastores specialized for various use cases.
  • Decision flow chart to navigate the landscape of on-prem and on-cloud alternatives.

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