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How to Repost Hashnode Articles on

I started my writing journey on Hashnode, but I've been wanting to expand my audience by widely publishing articles across the interwebs. I discovered as another great platform to share developer-related content. screenshot has dedicated support for posting to the community from RSS. Additionally, supports canonical linking to protect SEO rankings. Luckily, Hashnode provides an RSS feed so republishing content from Hashnode onto is easy and fast.

You can find your Hashnode RSS feed at https://[your-blog-url]/rss.xml. For example, my feed is at You can also find it linked on your blog page. See the arrow in the screenshot below for the location.

Hashnode RSS location

After creating a account, open the settings and head to the Extensions tab. Under the Extensions tab, you will find Publishing to DEV Community from RSS. Simply copy your Hashnode RSS feed into the RSS Feed URL field and hit Save Feed Settings. After a few seconds, your Hashnode articles will appear as drafts in the dashboard.

Publishing to from RSS

To publish an article you will need to click edit and then change the published: false field to be true.

Published field

That's it! Now your articles will be hosted on in addition to Hashnode.

Celebrating a successful republishing

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spersico profile image
Santiago Persico

This is cool, but beware spanish writers, that this had some issues in my case, because tildes (acentos) weren't being shown in the draft articles in
I think it's some incompatibilities with the RSS (that's something I've seen on some old RSS systems) than a problem of

mackfitz profile image
Maciek Fitzner

Thanks! This was very helpful. Tried it - and it was indeed quick and easy to do. I just had to upload images and embedded demos (CodePen) all over again, despite both being contained in the xml. Oh well, no biggie :)

songyang-dev profile image
Song Yang

I'm having a problem with the imported article. I cannot publish it!

resilientbloke profile image
Akash Kumar

Thank you !