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Sibusiso Dlamini
Sibusiso Dlamini

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Another ordinary week

I'm not someone who is big on productivity tools but I usually keep a diary and jot down everything I want to achieve for that day first thing in the morning. I almost never get to cross off everything on that list but I am someone who is very forgetful and that list really gives my life some consistent direction.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to leave my diary on campus. Maybe I thought, what the heck, its the holiday and I won't need it but boy was I wrong. I can't remember how I used to function without one. I guess it is just one of those situations where you don't really appreciate something until its gone.

The Coding Updates

Good news is that I made a breakthrough in my Java card game. I am currently building all the objects and methods that I think I will need to implement the game logic. If I have learned anything so far from building this program, its that object orientated programming is a powerful programming paradigm.

Since the card game that I am building is not a single player game, I will have to write code for the computer to make decisions so that you can play against it. I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing just that but I have some ideas, thanks to watching this video about the minimax algorithm. If all else fails I'll probably throw in a bunch of if statements and call it a day.

The Web Development progress has been too slow for my liking. I've been busy restyling/designing some old codepens. I created them for the sole purpose of obtaining the certificate you get when you finish projects at the end of the course. I did the bare minimum, and it shows. To be fair, I had to juggle 4 modules of online learning at the time. Now I'm doing it properly in case I want to showcase it on my portfolio whenever I decided to continue that project.

I wish I could show before and after pictures of some of my codepens because I honestly believe that a long way in terms of my CSS and designing abilities. I'm not artists but I make a decent website. My secret is border-radius : 10px. You're welcome :)

I have noticed that I have been struggling with designing form elements. I know you can create custom form elements using vanilla CSS but I've heard that it is not good for accessibility so I want to do it the hard way. Once I've learned to style form elements I want to go over media queries and animations because I always forget how to use them. That is where my focus will lie in the coming week. Alongside going over the basics of React by completing some beginner projects.


I have started making friends using VSinder! VSinder is an app that was designed to be like Tinder for Coders but I use it just to make friends. It was created by ex-founder of VSCode stories Ben Awad. His content is pure gold. If you get the chance, I encourage you to check his YouTube Channel.

That's it from me today, As always, stay safe, wash your hands and Happy Coding 💻

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