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Santhosh Balasa
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Decorators in Rust


// Define the macro.
macro_rules! log_function {
    ($f:ident($($arg:expr),*)) => {{
        println!("Calling function: {}", stringify!($f));

// Some function for demonstration.
fn add(x: i32, y: i32) -> i32 {
    x + y

fn main() {
    // Use the macro.
    let result = log_function!(add(5, 7));
    println!("Result: {}", result);
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Calling function: add
Result: 12
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Rust may not come with built-in support for Python-esque decorators, but that doesn't mean we can't engineer our own! With the might of Rust's macro system at our disposal, we demonstrate how to craft a Python-style decorator using the log_function! macro.

This above inventive piece of code logs function names just before they spring into action. The add function serves as the stage for this cross-linguistic performance, highlighting the extraordinary fusion of Python's elegant simplicity and Rust's high-octane performance within a single, harmonious codebase.

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