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Data structures and algorithms

saydroid427 profile image Sayani Mallick ・1 min read

Data structures and algorithms are a must for any coding interview.
There is no well set road map for learning data structures and algorithms other than hard work, consistency and practice. Since this is a very vast field, therefore, only regular practice can help you become a good programmer.
While learning data structures and algorithms, I have solved various questions and decided to compile all the codes I come across into a git repository. Everyone and anyone enthusiastic in data structures and algorithms can contribute to the repository. All you have to do is: fork, clone, create a branch , write your code and send a pull request describing the code you have written.
Here is the link of the git repository:
Hope this will help learners who want to learn DSA!
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Happy coding!

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Sayani Mallick Author

Anyone who knows what are the good resources to learn data structures and algorithms may add the links in this post or make a contribution to the git repository: