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A different bookmark management tool

Bookmarking content on the web is not a new thing and there are so many third-party apps already doing that. However, most people I know, do not use them or choose to use makeshift methods like copy-pasting URLs somewhere on their PC and mobile.

The reason behind this?

These bookmarking tools do nothing to ensure that you actually visit the content you have saved. They focus on the saving part, while completely ignoring the retaining part of the process.

For this, I have built a chrome extension called - Netsips.

What Netsips does differently that once you bookmark content, it ensures that it is shown to you later like you intended to.


1) You save the articles using Netsips extension.


2) You choose the day(s) you want to be reminded of them


3) You receive a compilation of all your bookmarks in a PDF format in your email

Receive PDF

Now, you can create and read your reading list in a PDF format, whenever you want without any ads bothering you! Consume the content while it's still relevant.

Moreover, Netsips also provides you with a bookmark management dashboard so you can organize and manage your bookmarks much better.

To check out Netsips -> Chrome Web Store

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