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DuckItUp: A DuckDuckGo Extension

What is DuckItup?

DuckItUp integrates search google button and movie rating system. DuckDuckGo Enhancer or DuckItUp is an extension that provides few productive features for its users. DuckDuckGo is a very good search engine which respects users privacy. But it lacks some productive features. This extension aims to bridge that productivity gap.

Why DuckItup?

Sometimes DuckDuckGo doesn't provide the desired result which forces users to move to google with the same search query. DuckDuckGo doesn't provide Movie or TV-Series ratings which is a bummer. Install DuckItUp to reduce your hassle until DuckDuckGo itself implements the features.

Productive Features

  • Dedicated Search Google button. [Redirects to google with the same search query]
  • Movie & TV-Series Ratings info gets integrated when searched for a movie. [like year of release, genre, run-time, IMDb/Rotten-Tomato/Metacritic ratings]

Demo Link

Hope you will give it a try 歹 Live on Chrome WebStore

Link to Code


How I built it

Well, this was my first project related to chrome extension. And it turned out to be functional. Basically it requires Javascript to perform the functions and nothing else. The scope of the extension is too broad, for example other functionalities like dictionary, pronunciation, inbuilt-translation and much more can be added. And will be added.

Additional Thoughts

This is an Open-Source project, any contribution or suggestions is highly appreciated. And this extensions in no way related to official works of the DuckDuckGo team. This is an independent project.

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