What features do you like about JavaScript?

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What things about JavaScript do you like? What features do you enjoy using? They don't need to be exclusive to JavaScript, just stuff you like about the language.

I really like being able to pass functions as parameters to other functions. It's really neat and it adds a lot of flexibility.

What about you?

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I'm somewhat fond of how function definitions and function expressions look identical. You don't need to remember some different syntax just to insert a small function somewhere.

I also really like that the language doesn't treat double quoted and single quoted strings differently. A lot of languages don't care either way these days, but it's still nice to not need to constantly remember to use double quotes like in C or Elixir.


Bonus track: stuff I'd like to see added to Javascript


Lambda is nice, I really like destructuring.
It has simplified so much code for me the last few years. :)


Destructuring, Higher Order Functions, Spread Operator, Arrow Functions, async-await for asynchronous programming.


There are a few of them

  • first class JSON support
  • Regex build into the language (you need them sometimes)
  • functions are value.
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