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Levelling up as a developer

Most programmers/developers, if not all, have a hunch to up their game, to level up in their skills and to be considered among the good programmers out there, unfortunately not everyone is sure what path to take and more importantly how to even measure their skills. Data structures, algorithms, system design, tech stack knowledge and experience are the industry standard right now but they are not quite measurable and do not provide users with trackable objectives to complete.


With that said, A quick google search landed me on this blog post by jasonrudolph and this lists some of the objectives which can be considered as achievements for a developer. What I liked about them is that for someone who doesn’t have a path, they provide a nice way to get started, get uncomfortable in their programming routine and be better on the way.

The steps are very simple-

  1. Select a particular experience to pursue.

  2. Pursue that experience to completion. (Achievement unlocked!)

  3. Reflect on that experience. Really soak it in. Maybe a blog post would be in order?

  4. Return to Step 1, this time selecting a new experience.

Step-3 is the most crucial, this is what will ensure that you learn something with each achievement.

I have forked the gist which had the list of these achievements to be completed, check them out, If you like them, fork it and add your own achievements. The current ones in the list are really interesting and I am positive that everyone can learn a lot with each achievement. I’ll be updating this post as and when I complete an achievement. All posts under this series will have the prefix Level-Up-Series.


*1. Write a program in assembly language (June 2nd, 2019) -

So the basic idea was to write any small program in Assembly, but while doing that I learned a lot of the other things. Check this post for detailed information on this.

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